Tuck easy, 3 steps only

Step 1.

By applying gentle upwards pressure, the testes will slip up and back into place.

Using two or three fingers to tuck each testicle up into each corresponding inguinal canal, slowly guide them into place - this should not cause any pain or more than very mild discomfort, and if it feels at all bad, stop and try again later.

how do you tuck

*Some people choose to tuck without using the inguinal canals, which is another option. Push the testes to the sides as opposed to up.


Pull the penis and scrotum backwards between the legs.

how do you tuck


Put on Tcomfifits tucking underwear, and CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DID IT!

step 3 for tucking

Is tucking safe?

Yes, when done correctly and professionally, tucking may be a secure and effective way to affirm your gender.


Some tips for tucking:

1.Start slowly and tuck gently
2.Choose gaff tucking panties that aren't too tight.
3.Choose gaff panties or tucking underwear with an Antibacterial Crotch to maintain the health of your private area.
4.Choose tucking undergarments or gaffs made of natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe, such as cotton.

transgender underwear


No matter when you need to use the restroom, enjoy the flexibility of wearing your regular underwear.